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Newbie Seeking advise

Dear All,

After some time reading reviews online I decided to part ways with my cash and buy my 1st ever Hi-Fi stereo. I must say the largest influence in my decision was this web page.

So the set up I went for was the following:

Marantz CD6005 cd player
Marantz PM6005 amplifier
Tannoy Revolution DC6T floorstanding speakers

For interconects I used Chord Crimson VEE 3 - 2 RCA to 2 RCA Audio Lead (which was for free as part of the deal) and for speaker cable I opted with Chord Leyland, I'm currently using 2 runs to each speaker, originally I bought enough cable to single wire, but seeing as I had never tried bi-wiring before, I decided to see what it was like and bought a 2nd run of the same cable to see how measurable the diference was. I went with A speaker ports for hi frequencies and B ports for low frequencies, thats what the amplifier schematics sugested for bi-wiring.

I have to say the system blows my mind everytime I listen to it, I've just about throw anything I can think of at it, from "Deep Purple's Made In Japan" to "Broken by Motorhead" , from Johnny Cash to Bob Dyaln, Muddy Waters to Arethra Franklin, and the sound is just astonishing, its like the gift that keeps on giving.

With that said, I figured I would ask for opinions from the sound gurus out there, perhaps you have some ideas on how to fine tune something that sounds great into something that sounds even better. I'll welcome any sugestions you may have.

One thing that keeps coming back to mind is the speaker wire I went with, at the time I just wanted something decent but cheap, chord leyland did the job at £2.50 per meter and the idea of spending a lot of cash on a speaker cable just didn't make much sense to me at the time, not that the sales people didn't try their best to convince me otherwise, I keep thinking how much diference can there be in the sound of a cable that costs £2.50 and a cable that costs say a tenner per meter, perhaps this view is due to lack of experience and if so I would like to hear about it, Like I said I'm new to the Hi Fi world. The last Hi Fi I heard was my dad's Technics from the age of monster amps.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, all your sugestions are welcomed.

Kind Regards,