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Newbie on here

Heya people, come to say hello. new to the forum but not new to What hi Fi. Got a burning question I always wanted to ask...


I bought my first What Hi Fi in 1979, it had a cassette mega test, with loads of casstes on the front cover.

Inside, best buys, Dual 505 turntable, Nad amp and so on, all the way up to Linn Sondek and other mouthwatering kit. 


My question...that was in 1979. The basic Dual/Nad sytem was rated as the best budget buy. Over the years that was obviously superseded by various other bits of kit. Now, in theory, each new piece sounded better or was better than the previous ones. So that by now, 33 years later, surely the best budget system should sound as good as the best system sounded 33 years ago. 


I am guessing that that's not the case. The best budget system now will sound relatively as good (maybe a little more detailed and a little better) as the best sounded back then. So, whats happenning? Are they getting better and better as each year goes buy or are we all just spending more and more cash buying new kit with no real general improvemnt in sound quality overall?


Just a thought

LOL, I am expecting to get flamed here because I know relatively little about 'serious' Hi Fi and 'serious' Hi Fi people are going to want to put me right Smile