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Hello There

Hello there
Names Ian from Ireland..
Used to be into hifi and home cinema before i discovered motorbikes lol
Recently moved house and decided to dust off my old system..
I have a Denon avc-a10se amp
and the matching poa-t10 power amp
B&w front speakers
sony canter and jbl rear center
denon rears and a wharfdale subwoofer
Md player
dvd burner
and cd player
and sky Hd
forgive my non specific details i will post them later lol
Its 12 years since i was last into hifi but i find myself very interested in it again
Looking forward to reading the forum and to chatting with you all..
If you need any motorbike advise im your man lol

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RE: Hello There

Hi hows it going:) SmileSmile

Musical Fidelity M6500i, Musical Fidelity M6 CDP, Musical Fidelity Encore Connect, ATC SCM 40s, Cord Chameleon plus XLRs, Tellurium Q Black speaker cables.

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RE: Hello There

Hi Ian

Welcome to the WHF Forum Smile

All the best

Rick @ Musicraft

Musicraft (Derby) - Specialist Hi-Fi/AV Dealer

Sys.1 > Mytek Digital Brooklyn > Acoustic Energy AE1A 

Sys.2 > Esoteric N-05 > Kii Audio Control > Kii Audio Three monitors 

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