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Hello everyone

Hi all!

I'm a long time lurker, but this is my first post. 

Thought I'd introduce myself before just steaming in on random posts.

Got a bit of a love it or hate it system going by previous posts. Running and Onkyo AV amp/ Onkyo DVD player at the mo powering Bose acoustimass 5's and a Bose VCS 10 centre speaker (missus wanted them cos she don't want "big ugly speakers hanging off the walls")  mainly running my iPod/ bluetooth thingy for Spotify/ tune in radio off my ipad (gotta admit not a massive movie junkie, but obsessive about music)

Also continuing the Bose theme got a sounddock 2 in the bedroom (missus got a little bit Bose obsessed) and currently putting all my Cd's onto a hard drive, cos I'm getting fed up with the clutter. 

Also recently acquired an old cambridge audio amp (a1 mk3) and a denon tuner, so thinking of having a little chop and change and building a proper hifi system around those. And it gives me an excuse to get some different AV speakers as I never thought the Bose dealt with movies too well (music sounds good but the speech never sounded right to me)

Unfortunatly don't have the budget that some of you guys have for this stuff and too be honest after years of abusing my hearing as a kid (damn you sony turbo headphones!) I don't think my crap ears would notice a massive difference. Although I bought a set of AKG 451 headphones last year and they do sound good. 

So I maybe tapping you guys up for some advice in the near future, please go easy on me lol (I've noticed some topics can get a little heated) 



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RE: Hello everyone

Welcome aboard.  :wave:

"We should no more let numbers define audio quality than we should let chemical analysis be the arbiter of fine wines."  Nelson Pass

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RE: Hello everyone

Welcome to the Forum! 

Some years ago was quite happy with my Yamaha AV and my MA bronze speakers... But one day bought a WHF mag and start to read about external DACs, streaming, iPADs and was all chinese to me, and start to think, man you have stoped in time, and need to read a bit to keep up, otherwise you're dead...

RUN, when you still can !!! Wink





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