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From NSW mid north coast, Australia.

I'm obsessed by quality audio but budget restraints limit my forays.

Currently my main system comprises:

Viinyl:   Nottingham Interspace TT, Ortofon Rondo Bronze, Icon Audio phono preamp, Tribute PP valve amp - and Tannoy Canterbury SEs. Cables/interconnects are quite serviceable but nothing exotic.

CD:   5 disc changer (transport) to DacMagic+, Luxman L-507u - and the Canterbury SEs.

My design/built switch box allows optional amp and speaker choices - valve or SS amps - and either the SEs or Tannoy 12" Monitor Golds.


I have other music setups in other rooms - but always with Tannoys.


Our Home Theatre - also with Tannoys.


Any other besotted Tannoy tragics out there? Smile




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RE: Hello

Welcome Oz! I would repost in the main section for advice.

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RE: Hello

Hello Oz,

We don't see many Tannoys on my side of the pond (USA), even at Audio Shows, but I can tell the cabinetry is superb and I would love to hear them !

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