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Challenging First Build

Hello all, I have had a lot of trouble finding products to put together my first Hifi. First I will talk about some of my limitations and then talk about some of my ideas etc.

First off I have a horrific listening area, effectively it's a computer desk with a diagonal wall about 8 feet from my current speakers. I am about 2.5 feet from my current speakers. Next, space obviously is an issue. I can't have large speakers, floor standers, or stand mounted speakers. Finally the volume level would have to maintain reasonable levels. I don't believe amplification will be a problem in my current space.

Now for some more specific components talk. I have a large collection of vinyl so my system must include a TT. In addition I will be using my computer as a digital source so a DAC would likely be needed. I am not interested in a CD players as I have no CD's.

Whew, quite the challenge. I have a budget of $3000 tops. If you can save me money, please do! Haha Smile

My current idea is a Rega RP-1 TT > Cambridge Audio Azur 640p phono stage > Peachtree Decco65 integrated amplifier/dac/headphone amp > Wall mounted Neat Iota speakers. Your suggestions don't need to include any of the components I listed. I am partial to Rega and Music Hall TT's.

I can't thank all of you enough, Jamie.