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Another new member - help please!

Hi, in the dim and distant past I spent a vast amount of time matching my Rega Planar 2 turntable to an amplifier which would run the SMC floorstanding speakers I had had passed down by my brother....... I chose a Linn Intek, and it has served me well for many a year.

In the meantime, the SMC speakers were replaced with a pair of Rogers LS55 floorstanders, and the Linn K9 cartridge has been replaced by a Denon MC 110 high output moving coil one - which sounds great but........ Whilst I run other stuff through my amp, CD, IPOD with DAC, SAT box and DVD player, my focus is on my vinyl.

I think it is time to replace either the amplifier or speakers - budget is in the region of 600 pounds - accepting that technology has developed enormously since the Linn was designed (and similarly for the Rogers speakers) do I go for a Rega Brio R and wait to replace the speakers when funds allow, or..what?

Grateful for some assistance, especially if there is anyone out there who remembers Rogers speakers!