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RE: What is your all time favourite metal song?

From memory...


Suicidal Tendencies - Waking the dead

Slayer - At dawn they sleep 

Sepultura - Troops of Doom

Metallica - For Whom the Bell tolls

Pestilence - Impaled existance

Morbid Angel - Abominations

Pestilence - Testimony

Pantera - Walk

Sabbat - The best of enemies

Faith no more - Zombie Eaters

V:28 - Unleash the energy


I don't listen to metal so often now, so these are mostly quite old Smile





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RE: What is your all time favourite metal song?

Free Design - Kites are Fun

The Association - Rose Petals, Incense and a Kitten

The Alessi Brothers - Oh Lori;

are as metalic as I like to get as it's the mincest genre of all, by a country mile.


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RE: What is your all time favourite metal song?

The_Lhc wrote:

Seasons in the Abyss - Slayer.

Good song, good album, but I think 'Spirit In Black' edges it...  :rockout:

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RE: What is your all time favourite metal song?

To the OP, if you enjoyed Nightwish's "Nemo" (as I do) then I highly recommend Xandria's "Neverworld's End" - that album is truly epic.


All time favourite? Quite possibly "Haunted" by Kamelot.

Other favoured tracks:

Type O Negative - Christian Woman

Amorphis - Silent Waters

Ancient bards - The Birth of Evil

Powerwolf - Secrets of the Sancristi

Nightwish - Dark Chest of Wonders

Dreamtale - Firestorm

Battlebeast - Black Ninja

Psychostick - BEER!

Serenity - Legacy of Tudors


So much good stuff - don't want to fill up the page... New russianDirolNew russian


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