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Baby Driver

Was loaned a copy of baby driver, a fascinating movie. My money disappears into the pocket of the independent record store, never been interested in home cinema setup, personally. Meant to catch Baby Driver at the cinema, but was too busy. The music soundtrack interested me, in that the film was made to fit the music, rather than the director/ producer selecting music after the film was made, if you catch my drift. But, the sound quality of the music in the film is distinctly lo fi,as if they wanted you to hear it like Baby hears it, through his I-pod and apple ear buds. The money he was making, you would have thought he could have shelled out for a decent player! Anyone else notice that, especially you home theatre hounds?

Music is the message...

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Not really, but I’m used to some films not sounding particularly good, so only films that are particularly good sounding tend to stand out to me - I don’t recall it not sounding good though. It is a low budget movie, so probably didn’t have the quality available to big blockbusters, but like music, if it’s good, it doesn’t matter how badly reproduced it is - it’s still good music. 

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Are we allowed to watch a

Are we allowed to watch a film with Kevin Spacey in it anymore?Blushyoull have the morally correct mob at your door if you're not careful.

The Harlem Shuffle track by Sam and Dave sounded brill at the cinema.

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