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Is there any way of connecting my Wii to my Yamaha DSP-AX763 amp? at the moment its connected to my Sony HD Tv through component. The sound from my Tv is more than enough, but would like to hear sound from my KEF's.


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Re: Wii

If your componant lead has a block part way along with red, white and yellow phono sockets, you can run a phono lead from the red and white to your amp. The sound will come of the tv and amp if they are both on so turn the tv volume down. Some games have Dolby Pro-Logic II which enhances them.

If not unplugged the red white from the tv and extend the phono cables by joining to another cable with something like this:


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Re: Wii

Thanks i'll give it a go.

At least i got a reply. Posted this also on the Stuff.tv forum got no replies. It's a waste of time dont bother with it.

Thanks again.


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Re: Wii

If you are using component connections and can hear your Wii through the TV at the moment, the phonos that carry sound will be connected to your TV, just remove the red and white phono plugs from your TV and bung them into your AV amp.  Or, you could get a normal set of phono leads and connect it from the 'Audio Out' on the TV (if you have one) to the AV amp.  That way you have the choice between sound from TV (via existing component connection) or sound via amp.

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Re: Wii

I guess it depends where you position everything.

I've simply connected my Wii into the DVD phonos on the back of my Denon. The picture then goes via HDMI to the TV and the music goes around and around and it comes out .....


OK so long as I don't have the BD player (via HDMI) and the Wii switched on together

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