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which tv?

hi guys ive been looking at purchasing a new tv for a little while. i currently have aLG 47LF7700 which i am happy with the picture but would like to go 3d,i see the samsung 51e550 gets a cracking review, would this be better than a panasonic 50st30 (£699) or pana 50gt30 (£899)

i know the panasonics are last years models but do they lack in performance from the newer samsung. are there any alternatives i should take a look at?

source will be sky hd & sony bdp 790 blu ray. thanks

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RE: which tv?

I think it may be worth investing a little more and going for somthing like THIS - It gets cracking reviews and is prices very keenly for the features it gives you! I'm sur eyou won't end up dissapointed in spending the extra on it.

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