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RE: What 32" SMART TV


LG seem very popular with these new members. Could they possibly be sales people for LG I wonder?

I wouldn't mind looking at their other posts to check.

I was actually thinking of buying my first TV and it was going to be an LG... but im waiting until the Olympics are over because they said that TV prices would go down... and maybe someone that bought their TV especially for the EM and the Olympics might want to sell it for "cheap"...


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RE: What 32" SMART TV

Thanks for the suggestion. The Sony KDL-32HX753 does look like a nice set – I actually had a quick look at one in Richer Sounds just the other day. Whilst it appears to be available online for under £600, unfortunately it’s still over my £500 budget. I’ll need to ponder whether I want to stretch that. Have you tested the Samsung UE32ES6300 as well and, if so, how does it compare to the Sony? The Samsung is available within budget and seems similarly well specced.

Ryan – Whilst 3D would be a nice bonus, I’m not too bothered about it with respect to this TV which will be a second set. I’ll probably upgrade my main TV at some point next year, which will definitely include 3D. Therefore, if I can get the same (or better) quality standard def/HD pictures and SMART features on a set without 3D and save a significant chunk of money, I’d rather do that. For example, how do you think the Sony KDL-32EX653 compares to the KDL-32HX753? Does the faster processor on the 753 make a significant difference with standard/HD pictures?

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RE: What 32" SMART TV

My Sony EX 65 is great Smile


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