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SONY Warranty: Buyer Beware

This is an extract from an email I received from SONY UK Ltd regarding their Warranty.

" Buyer Beware"..........It states that :

" With regards the warranty, I wish to advise that even though Sony make every effort during the manufacturing process to ensure the quality and reliability of our products, it is possible that a failure may occur. This is why the 12-month guarantee is provided. The guarantee offered by Sony United Kingdom Limited is for the repair of the product only, and not replacement/transportation/ or reimbursement"

Furthermore it goes onto state that :

"I can advise that if a unit cannot be repaired, the authorised service agent would be in touch with Trade Technical and would advise the customer on the best course of action, depending on the age of the unit".


As far as I am concerned, if a SONY develops a fault within the first 12 months it should be replaced if it can't be fixed......simple as that. Toshiba will approve a Swap over for a new model no questions asked.

As regards Extended Warranties in general, I would recommend just buying a TV and going onto Domestic & General's website and buying your won Warranty which more often than not tends to work out cheaper than buying through the retailer, many of whom sell the D & G warranties. You can also just choose to extend your warranty for 1 Year instead of 5, in the knowledge that D & G will send you a renewal notice each year, should you wish to keep extending your warranty up to a maximum of 8 years. You can of course buy a 5 year warranty in full if you so wish.You can also pay for the warranty by monthly direct debit over 10 months so that you don't get caught buy the retailers and have to fork out for the whole cost of a warranty, which is also included in the inflated prices of TV's sold in the High Street shops