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Sony System

I've only just recently began buying the mag and wanted to know why it is the Sony KDL-40W2000 was reviewed/tested while the KDL-40X2000 was not? Is there a reason for this?

 I'm looking into buying a new LCD T.V, DVD recorder and AV reciever, along with a surround speaker set-up that is wireless (Or rear speakers are at least). But the TV, DVD recorder and AV reciever have to be silver and i do like Sony's styling. I quite liked the KDL-40X2000 because i saw one in silver (Couldn't find W2000 in silver). Do you know if the 40W2000 comes in silver and can you suggest items from Sony range which would make up a good system. Budget £1500

 I would be grateful for some advice !!!

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Re: Sony System

 Don't have definitive information to hand - strangely not in the office at 6.45am! - but I guess it was simply that Sony chose to supply the 40W to us and not the 40X. With so many TVs to test, it's impossible to do them all, but I'm pretty confident the X version should be at least as good as the 40W, which does only come in black. The X comes in silver as standard, with optional colours including black, red, white, brown and blue.

No problem getting the rest of the system in silver - all of Sony's receivers come in silver, including the STR-DA1200ES and the new STR-DG range - and the company's DVD recorders, including the Award-winning RDR-HXD860 also come in silver to match.

That just leaves speakers - for that all-silver look I'd suggest something like KEF's KHT ranges. KHT 3005s would be a good bet, but adding wireless capability for the rear speakers will involve an extra £300 or so for the company's add-on wireless package. 

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Re: Sony System

We tested the 46in version of the 'X' - which we rated higher than the same-size 'w' version, incidentally. A five-star product back in the February issue.

We do try and test as many permutations of sets as possible, from as many brands as possible - which means we do test more TVs than any other mag - but with so many variations on the market, we can't manage everything, i'm afraid.

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Re: Sony System

Thanks Clare & Andrew for your replies.

I did read about the forth coming (August 07 or beyond) W & X 3000 models. But to be honest i don't plan on waiting for their arrival, i think you can wait too long and than end up doing nothing. I will be going for the 40in X2000 as opposed to the W model, since this is the currently Sony flagship LCD screen and i think this will serve all my purposes for sometime to come.

Sony all the way in regards to my system and i will check out those speakers you mentioned as well Andrew.

By the way, my sister has a 25in Sony CRT that had lasted over 15 years from new and is still going strong. Now if the 40in X2000 lasts as long as that, i will be a very happy man !!!

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