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Sony KDL 40w2000

was looking at buying this TV but have heard there is alot of trouble with 'clouding' on the screen?

can anyone from Whathifi or people who have this tv confirm this is a problem!

as it puts me off buying it

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Re: Sony KDL 40w2000

It's certainly not a problem we've come across on this model, which was our TV Product of the Year in 2006.

I also run the previous-generation version of this model at home, and it's never given me any trouble. Anyone else come across this?

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Re: Sony KDL 40w2000

Yes , there was a VERY long thread on another forum I frequent about this problem and it seemed to be extremely common for a while although I haven't heard of any current sets with the problem

For what its worth, many owners reported the clouding dying down a bit within 2 weeks of use

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