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Sony KDL-32D3000

Hey! Has anyone got this new LCD screen and if so what do they think? It seems to be that it will be the best yet especially in terms of combatting common LCD faults like motion blurring and picture noise!

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Re: Sony KDL-32D3000

I'm afraid I can't help but I am keen to hear what people think. I am going to buy a 32" LCD soon and up until now I have been trying to decide between the Philips 32PF9731D and the new Panasonic TH32LXD700. Have a Panasonic DVD hard drive recorder which has been pretty unreliable and has been in for repair 2/3 times -  the local dealer has been great but Panasonic didn't cover themselves in glory so am reluctant to buy Panasonic.

Would be interested to hear anyone's thoughts on these two tvs too.

 Any ideas when the next Supertest of 32" LCDs will be done in What HIFi?

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Re: Sony KDL-32D3000

The manufacturers are slowly getting all their new-season sets to us, so a 32in Supertest is imminent - sorry I can't give you an exact issue, but with all the Awards kit starting to flood in, our contents-lists are pretty fluid this time of year.

Next up - in the issue out later this month - is a Supertest of the smaller sets (@20in), plus more First Tests of the latest, larger models.

The hottest new-season 32incher we've seen so far is the Panasonic TX-32LXD700 you mention. There's a special two-page First Test on it in our August issue, out now....

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Re: Sony KDL-32D3000

Hi Clare,

 Thanks for your reply. Do you know if the 32" test will include the Panasonic LXD700, the new Sony and the Philips 32PF9731D or do you not know yet. I suppose the Philips has been around for a while however when I viewed it I thought the picture was great.

 Thanks again.




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Re: Sony KDL-32D3000

Dear Clare,

I hope the 32" Supertest features the Panasonic TX-32LXD700 vs Sony KDL-32D3000 vs Philips 32PFL9632D/10, because I personally feel these are the best new 32" LCD TVs currently available.

It would be really nice to know in particular, how these TVs fair with Standard Definition material like a normal SKY feed and with standard upscaling DVD players like the Denon DVD-1930.  I mention this point because a lot of the other LCD TV reviews in rival magazines, seem to concentrate on HD performance and harp on about how a TV looks with SKY HD or with newer High Definition players, forgetting that most people buying the above TVs will probably still be watching SD.  And from my own personal experience, I have noticed that some LCDs can be amazing with an HD feed but handle SD very poorly.  However, there are some talented panels which handle both extremely well, like the Pany TX-32LXD700 you reviewed this month!

Looking forward to the Supertest! 

Many thanks.

Kind regards.

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