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sky or virgin

i want to get sky or virgin,,..... but which is best. i want the fullpackage (phone, internet, tv) but cant decide over the better one. it all seems to be down to the tv. would virgins hd v-box be as good as sky hd. i would love to know if anyone knows which has the clearest picture as i will have a 1080p screen soon and want the best out of it. will sky show more hd material???

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Re: sky or virgin

Hi Vernon

I have Virgin's V+ box at home, and we run Sky HD in our test rooms at the office. Sky clearly has far more and better HD content than Virgin, which only offers the BBC HD channel and some pay-per-view movies at the moment. So I'd have to say go for Sky, as they also offer phone and broadband now.

Oh, and you can't get Sky One on Virgin any more, which is a big pain if you're a fan of Lost, 24 etc as I am!

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Re: sky or virgin

thanks. i think i might wait a little bit and see if a real enticing deal comes to light

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