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Set up options

I have a range of HDMI sockets on my TV and AV amp.  Has anyone compared PQ/SQ connecting sources directly to the TV with connecting via an AV amplifier?  What are the advantages / disadvantages of each set up?

Currently I have the blu ray player and the V HD box connected to the TV via HDMI with coax and optical audio connections respectively to the AV amp, The TV also has an ARC HDMI link to the amp. Is it worth connecting all my sources to the amp via HDMI and outputting from the amp to the TV?

I am getting a replacement panel, so I will be fiddling with cabling anyway. 

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Re: Set Up Options

Hi there how are you?

Personally if you have and AV receiver and lots of source components it's best to us the AVR as your main hub. That way you should get a more relyable  sync with audio and picture.

There shouldn't really be any difference in Pic or sound quality. You won't need the TV remote apart from turning it on if you leave it on standby.

Also you only need 2 cables then. Just the HDMI ones.

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