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Samsung UE46C6000 or LE46C750

Sorry for a general "how long is a piece of string" kinda question but I'm umming and ahing over a new TV and I think Ive got it narrowed down to the above Samsung models.


The LED is a Samsung 6 Series 100hz job and going for about £750 whereas the other one is a Series 7 200Hz LCD with 3D capability for about £800 (I'm in Sweden so this is pretty cheap by local standards!). 


Now I really need to know what the main differences between the series are and whether or not the fatter LCD is selling entirely off a gimic when compared to the older series model in a nice thin LED.  I get the basic differences between the technology but it seems that manufacturers can make big differences between ranges etc with new tricks and tweaks.


Main use apart from normal def TV will be BluRay and online gaming with XBOX 360...


Thanks for any help in advance...