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Samsung UE46B8000 Vs Panasonc 50V10

I am going to be purchasing one of these two tvs over the xmas holidays.

 However, I cannot decide which one is better - i will be using it mostly for blu rays, playing PS3 and watching Sky (but not HD).

Which tv would people recommend ? Which is the better tv ?

 Opinions needed to help my decision.

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Re: Samsung UE46B8000 Vs Panasonc 50V10

nobody can tell you which ones best , they are both very good , but for gaming , id say the plasma would be better , no input lag , very fast response times ...

will the tv be situated near a window , in a bright room ? if so the samsung would probably be better , as the v10 , especially in thx mode , looks its best in a dimmer envoirement...

but if you watch most of your tv and movies in a dark room , the v10 would shine , its a close one , but id have the v10...



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