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Samsung smart TV vulnerable to hacking?

Even TVs aren't safe anymore:


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RE: Samsung smart TV vulnerable to hacking?

Thankfully I've never wanted to use the smart features on any of my tech.

Perhaps I'm overcautious, but it seems the more connected you become, the more vulnerable you are to hacking, identity theft, and so on.

I had my bank account cleaned out many years back and I was never able to reclaim the money (long story, though I'd done nothing negligent or irresponsible). Ever since I've exhibited what I consider a healthy level of paranoia about all things related to tech, identity, and money. 

We'll ultimately need firewall/antivirus software for all connected devices, which of course we'll have to pay for. And since it's becoming near impossible to exist without every aspect of your life filtered through some form of digital technology, we're losing our ability to opt out. All sounds rather Orwellian. More worryingly, I feel like I writing a Daily Mail column. :shifty:

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