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Samsung 48h6670 firmware update problems.

Trying to update to ver.2114 (currently ver.1106) followed e manual instructions and also tried via sattelite  but 

tv just says there is no new updates availible,which is incorrect as there are at least two since then.

Im no expert with computer stuff,maybe im not downloading the fw properly,could anyone gve me some advice please.

Also the tv isnt displaying some channels in their correct aspect ratio,for eg e4/e4+1,and sky news,

using the inbuilt freesat tuner.Where there should be space above and to the side of the logo the logo is in the top corner as if pulled too  tight there.These display perfectly on my seperate hd pvr box via hdmi 

and on a bedroom freesat system.Maybe fixed via the fw update?.

And last but not least perfect motion setting for getting rid of slight soap opera effect, otherwise motion excellent.

Thanks in advance.


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If you go HERE and press

If you go HERE and press 'support' you can download the files direct and theres a pdf to explain how to do that next to the firmware.
Not 100% sure about your settings, but they should be similar to mine :
Picture Size : AUTO WIDE for normal tv. SCREEN FIT for HD content. 4:3 screen : 4:3
Picture mode : MOVIE
Picture Options :
Colour Tone : WARM 2
Digital Clean View : OFF
MPEG Noise Filter : OFF
Film Mode : AUTO 2
Motion Plus : OFF

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