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Projectors, TV's & Viewing distances

My room is a really awkard shape  12 x 4 metres with a fireplace bang in the middle of the 12 metre wall and a huge window spanning the opposite wall so it only really leaves a place to put a tv or projector against the 4m wall.

Originally I had thought about putting a 55" tv against the 4 metre wall (around  7 metres away from the viewing position) but im not sure it would be big enough for reading text (it would for 50% of the time be plugged into a pc for web browsing  and some gaming)

Long story short im wondering if a projector is the way forward. If I had a 120" screen and a projector situated around 4-5 metres away would that be suitable to cast the image that large? Id be looking at a VPL-HW40ES

Thoughts and suggestion appreciated

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Yes, depending on the

Yes, depending on the projector. There is a really handy calculator at http://www.projectorcentral.com/projection-calculator-pro.cfm which allows you to pick a projector and see what image size etc you can get at any given distance. I have just checked against my projector which is an Optoma HD25 and at 4.5 metres you can get 120 inches. 

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At that viewing distance, a

At that viewing distance, a projector is, without a doubt, the way forward. Sony HW40 is a brilliant option; I'm considering that myself.

Will you be able to maintain good darkness? If not, look at Draper ReAct 2.1 screen.

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TV and Projector Installation

In case of TV and projectors, the angle from your place to the device should be 70 to 60 degrees angle at a best distance of 7 feet.

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