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Just seen a few web sites advertising this set, is it worth the extra money over the model its replacing? Has WHFS&V reviewed it yet?

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Re: PDP-428XD

Depends on how much 'extra' you are willing to pay. Pioneer now seems to be going more up market, so I guess that Panasonic will be rubbing their hands in glee even more, as sets like the TH42PX70 gain ground and appeal as being more affordable whilst still being a quality TV. The majority of us either won't or can't afford a  high premium of around £1,500 for a Plasma TV. Yes-It's a lovely TV and I've seen it in action. Could I honestly tell the difference between it and the 4270XD ( which admittedly only has one 1.2 HDMI) ......No, and you can pick up the 4270XD for around £900 now, though the 427XD which does have  two 1.2 HDMI's can be had for around £1,100.

If you want to read an indepth review which is bound to confuse the masses no end then have a look at :


I believe that if you enter 100JULAW or is 100JULYAW at checkout in the promotional code box, Dixons  will give you another £100 off the TV so you can buy at £1,495, but only until 31st July 07 I believe. The 428XD has 1.3 HDMI connectivity and I guess that the DVD player to compliment it ( if you're not hagning around for Blu Ray) would be the Pioneer DV600K in Black for around £150.00.........less on some websites


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Re: PDP-428XD

We're reviewing the 50in version in our next issue, out August 23rd.

I'd urge you to see these sets in the flesh, properly calibrated (any specialist retailer should have done a decent job), before you decide what to buy...

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