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Panasonic plasma or something else?

I bought myself a few years back a samsung 32" LCD screen, but as we moved to a bigger appartement (loft) we would like to buy a new 42" or 50" plasma screen. (or perhaps a good LCD). Right now I hesitating between a 42PV70 or 700, and a Samsung Q9 series. The distance between the sofa and TV is about 4.5m. Is 42" big enough or should I go to 50"? (budget up to €2500)

Right now this is my equipment:

Yamaha DSP-A595 (soon to be replaced, waiting for the RXV1800)

Separate FM tuner, Sony DVP-NS92 hooked up via Monster HDMI400, Panasonic ES15 hooked up via Monster Component Cable MV2, DigitalTV from ADB global (Belgium) hooked up via Monster SCART, Sony MD Deck, iPod 30GB via Apple Video cable, Old Sony VCR SLV-SE80 via normal SCART...

Mission M33, Mission M701, Centre speaker al with Monster speaker cable.

Still looking for a great subwoofer... Any suggestions anyone? (Rel Quake, Mission, Focal, max. buget is € 500)

If anyone has other suggestions, I'm open to all...