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panasonic LED OR PLASMA


Can someone point me in the right direction I am thinking of getting either the panasonic 42E30 LED, or the Pansonic ST 30 plasma Tv. Which of these two sets is going to be best for the job I have studied both in the shops but cannot seperate them in terms of picture. Any help much appreciated.

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RE: panasonic LED OR PLASMA


If you can't separate them on PQ, go for the one that gives the best deal - free accessories, warranty, fitting or best value for your £££ according to your finances.

There's a few threads which will advise you on the merits of both technologies, presuming you've read them?




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RE: panasonic LED OR PLASMA

will you be watching them in a brightly lit room? plasmas tend to do better in light controlled environments..

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RE: panasonic LED OR PLASMA

I recently purchased a 46GT30, its fabulous and I havent stopped tweaking yet. TV, movies or gaming, 2D or 3D Its the business. Our living room is quite bright and it handles it superbly.

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RE: panasonic LED OR PLASMA

Strange that you cannot see the difference. To me there is no LED-tv, PQ close to a plasma!

Airport Express (source), Artephonos Energa (tube-power-amp), Peitho 303 (open baffle speakers). Enjoy the music!

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