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Panasonic 42 gt50 Contrast Problems.

I cannot get a proper contrast level especially at night or under dull lighting conditions with this tv.

Its ok during daytime hours when its bright  I push it up to get a good level against the daytime brightness.

But at night or if its a dull day I have to lower it down as its far too glary.

On screen graphics,white banners white football gerseys etc are all too strong ,Ive tried everything.

Has anyone experianced anything similar,even at 0 setting its overly glary,this is my second set too.

On my previous tv a phillips contrast would go from a very dark zero to a very bright 100 but on the

panasonic it starts on bright and goes to very bright.Its the same on all sources and imputs.


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RE: Panasonic 42 ft50 Contrast Problems.

Sorry that should be 42gt50


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