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Optoma HD50 vs HD30 vs Other

Looking for projector around a grand for dedicated home cinema room duties.
Ceiling mounted. 100inch screen. Approx 4m mounting distance.
The HD50 just been released.
Did a comparison and slightly better specs than HD30 plus newer and looks cuter.
Any opinions on whether I should look at anything else or one of these please?

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Well I bought the HD50, but

Well I bought the HD50, but can only compare it to the HD65, my previous unit. Here is what I posted on another forum.. 

Provisos: If this turns out to have flaws and not issues that are normal for this unit you can disregard. Also, I am not a pro reviewer, so will do my best to sum it up and also give my thought in comparison to the HD65 and whether its a step up from other lower cost 1080p PJs. 


RGBRGB color wheel and decent Color management system. Out of the box, set to reference, color temp D65, no added processing, it looks natural, accurate and a BIG step up from the HD65. GREAT, tick. 

Good brightness, I cannot perceive it being brighter than my HD65, which is rated at 1600 lumens. More than enough though. 

Physical noise, not too bad once you get a movie going, its not to invasive, i could live with that fine. 

Very good greyscale, another big hike in quality on the HD65, nice.... lots of subtleties coming through which works so well with the great colors. 

Cons: Image noise on some discs, ugh... this is made worse in anything other than 24hz, so no setting it to 60hz in my view. This is still there on some modern animation movies, like Advent Children. Did not expect that. It can draw your eye too much to the issue, and its something that rarely got my notice with the HD65. Backwards step there. At this price i expect better control of noise - sorry. 

Firmware: glitchy it seems. Its frozen twice while trying to switch to the other HDMI connection with my PS3. SO had to switch off at the mains twice. Needless to say this unit is going back! 

Sharpness: This could be highly subjective with me, but my HD65 seemed sharper. Maybe the alleged peak white clipping on the HD50 is to blame, losing some high end detail, don't know, but images have a lack of sharpness to them - ie Blade Runner opening scene, ones eyes does not get drawn in, perceiving lack of image detail/sharpness. This also leads to some scenes seeming to lack depth. Again, this is a subjective one. 


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