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Next TV

Well having a dilemma about my next TV

Its going into a dark room and I was looking at a screen size of between 46" and 55". The main purpose for the TV will be Blu ray and Sky HD although I will use it for gaming and 3D.

I previously had a Samsung UE46C8000 which is a great HD tv but suffers from cross talk on sky 3D content.

So I was potentially looking at a Plasma for a change but open to LCD/LED again, the TXP50VT30 was one set that seems to have very good reviews, my other considerations were the Phillips PFL469705 although this seems to have had alot of issues in the past reading forum comments. I'm going to view the Samsung UE46D7000 and UE55D7000 or 8000's. I Did pop into Sevenoaks and the Samsung showed great colour although the grass on a racing channell looked luminous green! the panasonic had a better natural look but I have a feeling they sway more towards Panasonic at Sevenoaks and possibly the Samsung was calibrated to seem too bright and colourful?

I will be going to a Samsung specialist dealer who also sell Panasonic TV's so I'm expecting to see the Samung in all its glory and the Panasonic with its out of the box settings although they are supposed to be good.

However with my mind geared towards one of the above sets I then popped into a Curry's megastore (wow they are huge) and saw a LG 55LW650T which was pretty impressive 3D wise and was pleasantly surprised with the set all together as i've never been a fan of LG. So now I have three sets in contention, panasonic, samsung and LG and not even considered any Sony sets. The panasonic isnt the best looking TV in the world, but as it will be a dark room and not on general display the looks arent too important, the GT30 is a better looking set.

Any thoughts and suggestions from anyone, would it be worth considering a Samsung Plasma or doesn Panasonic win hands down here?