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Newbie Buying Advice Requested

Hello All,


I need to purchase a new TV (old one dead), and despite reading forums, reviews etc I am still going round in circles. I understand that a lot of this is personal preference, but hoping that the combined wisdom on this forum might prove useful. Thought if I put down my requirements then any advice or recommendations would be gratefully receieved.


3d required.

Size restricted by alcove location Sad maximum width 105cm.

Budget approx £1000 but flexible.

Will be mainly used for SKY HD (Sports) and PS3 gaming / BluRay.


I've been looking at seemingly good deals on Panasonics, TX-P42UT50B or TX-P42GT30B both for around £600 - but the GT is ex-display.

Has anyone got any advice please?

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RE: Newbie Buying Advice Requested

Hi Cwilding I have a pansonic 42 gt30b very good picture plus 3 d although you dont get active shutter glasses or dongle with the gt30 you should see if they will include these in the price also the sound is a bit lightweight. the panasonic vt however comes with two pairs of glasses and the dongle and as there is a new model out now you could get one quite cheaply I have just bought the vt50 for £1000 and the sound is quite good picture in my opinion is also a little better good luck in your search:) Smile

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RE: Newbie Buying Advice Requested

For your budget you could buy a 42GT50 which is what i would do, personally, and forget about the ex display GT30. Even though i own this tv myself i would recommend getting the latest tv for extra performance and features as your budget allows it.

Of course the UT50 is the budget option which would leave you with extra cash to spend elsewhere, the only problem is that i've yet to see a review of this tv but if you have the time you could get a demo before you buy...the choice is yours but i would buy the GT50 without hesitation if it were my money.

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RE: Newbie Buying Advice Requested

We are super impressed with LG 42LM620T, the picture quality is fabulous, and sound is great with 3D effects. We bought ours for £699 and it came with a 5 year warranty!! It has the ability to record but a separate memory stick is required. I would give it a score of 4.5/5 overall. Go and watch it.....

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RE: Newbie Buying Advice Requested

I'd go with the 42" GT50, I very recently bought the 50" version, and the picture quality was fantastic, better than my Kuro even.

And my second piece of advice would be to not buy and ex-display plasma tv, my purchase was a customer return, and had awful screen burn from misuse by either the original owner or John Lewis over a short period. So what would happen if it was on display for countless hours with the picture setting on Dynamic, I dread to think.


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