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New telly needed soon.

I dont come in here often so be gentle!


My telly is on its way out folks. It a 32 inch Sagem LCD which back in the day got 4 stars and cost 1K!! The screen has got some very odd black marks, a bit of screen burn on it and at times i cant get it to switch on. It needs to be switched off and on at the socket to get it going, this is becoming quite regular. Basically its on it last legs.


I have no idea about TV's really so i'll tell you what i think i need but you can put me right if im out of date with it!  :help:


I dont need a huge tv, maybe a 42 inch possibly a 46, 42's more dignified i think. I have a Sky HD box but stopped subscribing to Sky at least a year ago but still use the box to get channels. I have an ariel which may accept an HD signal if the new TV has HD tuner.


The kids have a PS3 and a Wii pluged in.


Thats it really, do i need anything else?


I would like an LCD, no 3D and reasonably priced. Not a 1k, half would be better!