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Just a quick one really , want to replace my 3half yr old panasonic 42pz70 plasma with a new bigger 50inch tv . I paid just like everyone else 1200 for it with 5yr warranty and been offered 375 for it via a friend .

My question is will a new 2011 50inch plasma around the 500/600 mark be anywhere as good as my current pana ? The only screen size for my budget is lg as far as i can see . i did see an lg 50pz250t in r/s for 599 but the screen seemed very reflective sat next to a pana 42gt30 !!!

As its 3d to it will keep my daughter happy (not me though as only one eye lol) . i will be upgrading my fat ps3 with the pana bt310 b/r player too soon so she can view 3d .
Just wondered how this set would compare to my pana as the pana is a brilliant tv but on the bulky side and seems to love spinning the electricity meter (550w power consumption!)

Or is there a better last years price reduced set then current models ?