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New 40" TV - Sony 40W2000 / 40D3000 ... or any others?

Want to have a new TV by the beginning / middle of Sept, and was originally looking at the Sony KDL40W2000, but it doesn't appear have an optical output to hook it up to my amp (Yamaha DSPAX757), so was looking at the 40D3000 model (plus it has 3 HDMIs, and seems to have a better SD FreeView picture).  Will also get a PS3 in the near future and to use that for games and BluRay films, and my main question / worry is will I miss the Full HD 1080 on a 40" screen?  And is the 24p a significant advantage?  Like to be as future proof as poss!

I also saw the 40W2000 is soon to be replaced ... does anyone know when and how much the new one is likely to be?  Should the Samsung LCD sets or the Panasonic/Pioneer plasmas be onesI should be looking at?

All suggestions & comments very welcome!!

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Re: New 40" TV - Sony 40W2000 / 40D3000 ... or any others?

Lost of discussion on this subject here and a bit less here.

Always worth using the search box to find out what others have been asking around the same topic...

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