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Need Cheapest good projector

I am new to the board. I have so many questions that I hope you guys can answer to the best of your knowledge.

1) What's the lowest I can go for a reasonable  projector? I want to get one for about $300-$600 max. But of course maybe that is way too low and I should just wait to get a $1000 one.

2) What brands are the best and have the cheapest bulb replacements? I've seen that Sony, Optoma, Epson and Mitsubishi are very popular ones.

3) There are so many paint mixes; Black Widow, SF 4.0, Cream n ? ......etc. So which is the best paint mix to go with or how can I determine which paint mix screen will work best?

4) i run a t-shirt printing business and bascially i need to show our prints to client. which one would be good? thanks, berni