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LG42LW450U picture settings

Does anyone know the optimum picture settings for the LG42LW450U tv

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Optimum setting for your TV

Optimum setting for your TV in your room can only be achived with a full ISF or THX calibration setting are quite room dependent.

Some guideling settings might be possible though if anyone else has a similer LG TV.

Some things you should turn off will be any Noise reduction, Motion flow, Dynamic contrast,  and any other extra setting.

There should be an Overscan setting. It might be called Fit to screen, Dot by dot, Pixel to pixel. Something like that. I can't remeber what it's called on the LG TVs (help any LG users) Anyway this setting if called Overscan should be OFF. If it's Fit to Screen or one of the others it should be activated. Pause and BD on a shot that has a lot of objects around the edges then activate or switch off and see how much more picture you get. This will mean you get 100% of the 1920x1080 resolution, otherwise you won't

Sharpness should be on 0 unless the picture starts to blur below 50 (middle) I'm sure you have a Pixar BD or a Disney/Buena Vista BD. They should have a picture set tool. It will alow you to set the brightness (blacks) and the contrast (whites) and the colour. You shouldn't need to touch "Tint" (red or green) and I would leave the advanced settings.

I would highly recommend and ISF calibration though if you can afford it. You won't be disapointed.

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