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LG LM760T or LM670T - shop error


I just picked up what I thought was an LG42LM670T for my dining room, price matched with an online retailer so got it for £750, with free bluray player and 5 year guarantee.

When I got home I realised they gave me the 760T. The only difference I can see is 800Mhz MCI rather than 400Mhz and a couple of extra dual play gaming glasses. They both seem to be from the new range.

Should I keep this TV or is there any reason, other than honesty, that I should take it back and swap it.








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RE: LG LM760T or LM670T - shop error

 Personally i would take it back. Call them & tell them they have made a mistake but you have already used it & wall mounted it before realising it was a different model number to the one you thought purchased.

Keep it & if u have a problem with it, the 5 year warranty will not be valid so no repair.

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RE: LG LM760T or LM670T - shop error

Sounds like you have a better model, if it was me i would keep it. :rockout:

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