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LG 60PH670V

I'm looking for a big tv to replace my old 42" panasonic plasma.   I saw this advertised in currys for £1,100 and i'm very tempted as the room can easily take a wall mounted 55" tv or bigger. 

I've not seen any reviews.  Does anyone have ay experience of this?  This will be for movies and TV only.

Any thought on how it compares to the similarly sized and priced Samsung.  www.whathifi.com/forum/tvs-and-projectors/samsung-ps60f5500


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RE: LG 60PH670V

No reviews yet for that TV. I haven't seen it in shops either. This should be on your shortlist as well.

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RE: LG 60PH670V

Hello robkew,

I've not seen either of the TVs that you name, so I can't comment. However, I do have some knowledge of an ealier LG plasma. In my kitchen I have the 60" version of this LG screen which is reviewed here http://www.avforums.com/reviews/LG-50PZ950-3D-Plasma-Review_207/Review.html and if the LG 60PH670V contines the LG plasma tradition, then it will have splendid colours, fine motion handling, very wide viewing angles, and an intuitive Graphical User Interface. What it won't have are great black levels, as the review that I've given says. It depends on whether the majority of your television viewing is of actual television programmes, or of Blu-Rays and DVDs. If you mostly watch actual programmes, then I imagine the LG will be perfectly fine. Indeed, quite often when watching the news, or sport (football, snooker, tennis, basketball) I find myself thinking that the picture is really good! It is only when the picture does not fill the screen, as in the letterbox forrmat of Blu-Rays and DVDs, that I am sometimes aware of the so-so black levels. However, your proposed 60PH670V is two generations newer than mine, so perhaps things have improved since I bought my LG 60PZ950T in December 2011. And last year I saw a few LG plasmas that were one generation newer than mine, in Currys, and I thought that they looked fine, but, there was no easy way to test their black levels. The average TV viewer is simply not aware of black levels, certainly I wasn't until I became interested in home cinema, and average black levels apart, LG plasmas are quite good value.

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