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LG 50PB5600 purchase but serious reflections in the room

Hello All,

I just bought one of these over the bank holiday weekend as I decided that I couldn't live without a Plasma for my back room that I wanted to turn into my home cinema room.  The problem is with the room I have there is a window and a patio door in there but I have set the room up so the TV is well away from the patio doors and I thought as there wouldn't be any direct sunlight on the TV I'd be OK.  Well I must admit my mistake and how wrong I was. I have set the TV up in a temporary position on the LG stand and even with the thin curtains closed on the window and patio doors and the reflections are still awful.  

So at present I have a few options:

- return the TV

- get thick, black out type curtains

or one that I was thinking of is that if I get a wall mount that has some adjustment, maybe I can angle the TV (possibly down a very slight amount)  to hopefully help the situation.

Has anyone faced something like this before that has any advice at all?