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Home Plugs

Hi.......just stumbled on this forum in desperation looking for directions on how to get my Panasonic TX-L37E5B TV to play Christian channels from the internet, as well as You Tube stuff. I have fumbled through the set up process and have managed to get a tick in each of the boxes except the last which is "Check server connection for Viera connect". Can anyone enlighten me as to how to overcome -what I hope will be - this final hurdle PLEASE. pitty I can't attach a screenshot of the problem :help: :? :? THANX Dave..

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RE: Home Plugs

I gave a silly answer tbh,( srry) :doh:


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RE: Home Plugs

Silly question but I presume you have the green lights showing on the home plug to indicate the signal is coming through your mains? Are any of the Internet services working?

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