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HDMI: 21st century scart?

I'm getting fed up with HDMI cables working loose on all my AV kit. I'm now on my second Virgin V+ box because the picture on the first one kept dropping out due to a faulty HDMI socket ("they all do that Sir", I was helpfully told). And now I've encountered the same problem on my new Apple TV box: sometimes when I turn it on there's no picture, so I have to scrabble round the back of the TV and wiggle the cable around to get the picture back. I've tried different cables, but with no success. Help!

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Re: HDMI: 21st century scart?

I'm with you! The HDMI connection on my Toshiba DVD player was so loose when I first got it that I didn't think it was properly connected at all! Surely this is affecting performance, we all know that maintaining a good connection between equipment is vital to get things looking / sounding their best...

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Re: HDMI: 21st century scart?

It's a point of honour among cable manufacturers to make their products as beefy and chunky as possible. This is so that the crappy HDMI connection drops out of the socket every time a sparrow farts along the street.

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Just thought to redirect the

Just thought to redirect the first post of the forum. HDMI must have improved.

Yea OK - sad ain't I?

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