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I wonder if anyone can help me with an interference problem. The picture is constantly displaying a sort of "ghosted" (for want of a better expression) image of another channel.  

I have a Toshiba 32WLT68 with a Sky+ box, and use the standard cables supplied with the Sky box. Any ideas what could be causing this? Should I get a decent scart cable?

 Any help gratefully received. 

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Re: "Ghosting"

 If it was a 'halo' around the image on the channel you're watching, a change of cable might - only might - solve it. But since it's a different channel breaking through, sounds like a problem with the Sky box. If you turn off the Sky box and leave the TV on the Sky input, can you still see the 'ghost' image? If so, it may be some kind of breakthrough from the TV tuner, in which case a call to Toshiba is called for. If the ghosting's only there when watching Sky, I suggest a call to Sky might be in order...

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Re: "Ghosting"

Great, thanks very much, I'll try that.

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