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es6540 or es 6710

hello all


I have been looking at both of the above and cant see any differences except a couple of vague refferences to maybe the 65 is single core and the 67 dual core . if this is the case would it make much difference in performance, as a couple of shop assistants assured me there  was no difference what so ever and the part numbers where just the different stand and surround colour.


all help very welcome


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RE: es6540 or es 6710

I am not saying this is the case but some company's for example, a samsung tv might have a slightly different model number depending on where it's sold john lewis or curry's with only minor cosmetic changes which makes that tv unique to that shop but the tv may be the same.

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RE: es6540 or es 6710

My 6500 plasma has the dual core and it does make a big difference for smart stuff,  but neither the 6540 or 6710 are dual core.  You need to look at the 6800 or 6900 to get an led dual core.

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RE: es6540 or es 6710

thanks for the help. i understand the 6540 is john lewis and was told its technically the same as the 6710 ie, 400mhz , hdmi, usb, etc etc and as i say the model number refers to nothing more than just cosmetics for john lewis its just that looking on the net i came across a couple of references suggesting about the single and dual core but have been unable to confirm it one way or the other. even though the price difference is small the 65 still looks quite good to my eyes but am just looking to confirm any differences before purchase.

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