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Dodgy sony backlight?


I recently bought a sony kdl 40w2000 lcd tv mosly on the strength of your mags reviews

I am very happy with the set but have noticed that the screen seems to have a light streak running from the left top corner to around the middle of the screen when,for instance,a dvd is loading.

this in itself is not really a problem but i have noticed that the last couple of times that i have watched a dvd that this light streak has been visible in some very dark scenes or on the credit screens.

Has anyone else noticed this or do i just have a possibly faulty tv that should be returned?

Hope someone can help

Many thanks in advance


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Re: Dodgy sony backlight?

 Are we talking about a thin light strip across the top of the picture? Or a streak running diagonally from top left to the centre of the screen?

If it's the former, then try a slight upward adjustment of the picture using the vertical shift (see p31 of the manual).

If it's the latter, or the above doesn't help, I think a word with the supplying retailer is in order. 

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Re: Dodgy sony backlight?

Thanks for your reply Andrew

It seems,after a bit of internet searching,that my sony set is suffering from so called 'clouding' and judging from the amount of posts on other forums it is a fairly common fault with this tv.

I have read that many people have had their sets replaced and still had the same problem.

Have any of your review sets ever suffered with this before?

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Re: Dodgy sony backlight?

Hi Steve

No, none of our review sets have suffered from this problem, but we'll get in touch with Sony's technical people and see if we can find out any more.

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Re: Dodgy sony backlight?

Has anyone else experienced this "clouding" or "mura effect" on thier sony sets?

If so,what action have you taken, if any?

Am actually thinking of trying to get a refund on my set and buying a plasma instead as i am worried about it getting any worse.

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