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Denon / Samsung problem

I have just bought a Samsung LCD TV LE40M8 and a Denon DVD-1930.
They are connected with a high quality HDMI lead.
When I select the HDMI output to 1080 or 1080p on the DVD player the picture jumps up and down or flickers. If I select 480p or 720p the picture is fine. The picture is also fine with a scart lead.

I also have a D-Link DSM-520 media player, when I connect this with a HDMI lead the TV displays the error - Mode Not Supported.

Both the DVD player and Media Player have been tested with a LG 1080P LCD TV with the same HDMI lead and they worked fine.

Also I have just had the TV replaced but the problem is still there.

Is there a problem with these two components. Samsung have not heard of any problem.

Anyone any ideas?