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Best HD sony TV 42"

Hello all,


after some  Sony TV recommendations. The brief is as follows;


Best possible 2D picture (i have no intrest in 3D what so ever) from a SONY tv. 

42" or slightly bigger. Currently have Panasonic  37" which is fairly bulky and around 5 years old now.  Space is very tight but i reckon with the slimmer framed  TV's now a 42" should squeeze in

Sound quality not a big issue as i have hi end amp and speakers. 

Must have at least 2 HDMI inputs. 

my devices are as follows: Arcam dvd 88+ Xbox 360 elite+ Sony 760 Blu ray+ Sky HD box. 

Movies viewed 50/50 from DVD and BLU Ray. 

Usual Xbox games ( call of duty ect) and  I stream Love film and BBC i player via Xbox.