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50" Plasma - PS50Q97HDX

I am wanting to change my current 37" LCD tv for a 50" plasma and was contemplating buying the Samsung PS50Q97HDX as recommended in WHIFI. However, although the Samsung is great value, is it best value in relation to reliability and long life compared with Panasonic TH-50PX70 ?

I also want to buy a decent cinema surround sound system with wireless rear speakers, can you confirm the Phillips HTW 9800 is the best one or are there options at this price? Also it looks like it has a lot of units to be placed at the front with the Phillips, is that correct?

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Re: 50" Plasma - PS50Q97HDX

 No indications that the Samsung is any less reliable or long-lived than the Panasonic.

And yes, the Philips is a good choice - you'll need the centre, left and right speakers at the front, though the main unit and subwoofer could be placed elsewhere. 

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