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46" Samsung or Sony ?

The screens would mostly be used for DVD`s so what would be the best between the Sony KDL46W2000 or the Samsung LE46M87BDX. Narrowed it down to these two and hope someone out there can help me. Got a budget of £1600, so if anyone has any others they know to be good please feel free to enlighten me. Will be hooked up to a PS3 at the moment. Thanks

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Re: 46" Samsung or Sony ?

The Samsung seems to offer better value for money with the later panel technology and 3 HDMI inputs. It is available significantly cheaper than the Sony. However, if you are only hooking up a PS3 and (say) a SKY HD box, then the lack of HDMI slots on the Sony wont be a problem.

The Samsungs have had an issue with 1080/24p blu ray playback from the Ps3 which has reportedly been fixed with the latest board / firmware - don't know if the Sony is able to handle it at all. In my opinion, the Sammy offers the best balance between picture quality and price, however, if you are a bit of a videophile, make sure you get the latest firmware (2000 I believe)


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Re: 46" Samsung or Sony ?

I'd plump for the Samsung - incredible spec and performance for the money. The Sony's a great set, but fairly pricey, and not quite the all-round superstar model as its 40in Award-winning sibling - showing that different models in a range (ie a different flatscreen panel underneath) can make all the difference.

Never assume all sets in a range will be equally good/bad....

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Re: 46" Samsung or Sony ?

Thanks for the replies guys, most helpful. Even better I found the Samsung in a shop in Glasgow -only 20 miles away - who do it for £1359 with a free 5 year warranty and they`ll let me demo it.


Once again, Cheers

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