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40 inch Tv Sony HX803/Samsung D6530/Panasonic GT30


i am after a new 40inch television and im not really fussed about 3d.

I will mainly mainly be watching 2d movies, football and gaming. Having looked around it would seem i can pick up last years sony hx803 for between £650-750, samsung d6530 for £800 with a free samsung blu ray player, or Panasonic gt30 for £900 with 2 pairs of 3d glasses.

Having read all 3 whfi reviews, im torn between what to get. Which of these sets produces the best 2d picture???

I want a set that handles fast motion for football very well- im sure for this the panasonic would be best as is a plasma, but i know sony is very capable with motion handling.


Which would you recommend???


Many thanks.