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which one?

For some time I have been thinking of treating myself to a direct drive turntable.

I have narrowed it down to two possibilities.

1/ The Technics SL 1200/1210. Well built, highly regarded and durable.

Price for a decent one seems to be around the £350 to £400 mark and maybe more.

2/ The Audio Technica. There is one for sale on Amazon at £228 Brand new. The Technics are of course second hand.

I suppose I feel more comfortable with a new piece of kit/

I am no expert in this area and would appreciate any advice.

Many thanks :

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RE: which one?

I'd be interested to know how direct drive TT's measure up, as I had one way back, and it was useless...


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RE: which one?

is there any reason why you want a direct drive?

The SL1200/10 are fantastic TTs, not sure about the other though £228 new??? mmmmm I would have reservations - the SL1200/10 were £500 15 years ago.....go figure?


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RE: which one?

The Technics would be my choice but finding a good one can be a bit of a minefield if you don't know its history.

I wouldn't touch the Audio Technica for that money you are much better off with a decent belt-drive TT.

There is a lot of opinion that direct drive turntables that do not include the Frequency Generator Servo Control Quartz Lock system employed by the Technics SL could be, and often were, worse than belt-drives at the time.

Belt drive turntables have come on in leaps and bounds since the SL1200 was released.

If you really want a direct drive I'd get as late a model as you can with a known history and have it serviced by a reputable dealer otherwise you might end up with a DJ abused heap of junk.

I'd get a new belt-drive with a warranty personally.


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RE: which one?

I would tend to agree with most of the above. If you really are set on a direct drive TT. Then the 1200/10 is def the one to go for. However, it's really a case of buyer beware as most have been gigged by DJ's so have been bodged back together. Just be careful! Good luck. 

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