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whats the best option

I have a denon rcd-n7 system which i use with audio moniter speakers . I wish to add a turntable but as it doesnt have a phono stage i am thinking of getting a project carbon with builit in phono pre amp .. Is this my best option or should go for a turntable and phono pre amp seperate package ?

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Have you done a price

Have you done a price comparison?

Carbon + ext phono vs Carbon USB?

For simplicity, Carbon USB, but if you intend to rip vinyl too, maybe a separate phono is better (for more choice/spec etc)?

I am just wild guessing. I just got my Debut Carbon DC like 4hours ago........still listening

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Not too sure about a Carbon

Not too sure about a Carbon USB but I'd say it is down to how dedicated to vinyl you are likely to get.

If you just want something that is convenient to plug in for occasional use then the Project with built-in phono preamp should suffice. However, if you feel you might be inclined to upgrade your turntable in the future then buy something like the Analogue Audio TT1 now along with a seperate phono pre-amp (as this too can be upgraded in the future if required). The one fitted to the Project is only adequate and, I believe, for moving magnet type cartridges only.


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